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Getting started

For a quick start add a card box using the menu or plus button in the lower left corner. Once the card box is added, select it and add your cards with the add button in the toolbar. In the card window add the values for front text and back text and hit ok. If a schedule is associated to the card box the system provides the cards to study as a lesson. You can study a lesson with the study button in the toolbar. The lesson depends on the selected element in the left side.

Instead of manually creating cards you also can download public quizlet card sets. Simply choose quizlet.com in the left side and type your search string in the quizlet search view. For example "European countries". Select a card set by double clicking it and the use the download button.

Basic concepts


easyLessons helps you create flashcards that can be studied in different ways. The cards consists of information like a front text, a back text a description and an image. The description field is useful to provide extra information for a card. For vocabulary learning it can be used to enter a common phrase using this word. Cards can be studied with displaying the front side of a card first or the back side. For organizing your cards easyLessons provides card boxes and groups. Cards are organized in card boxes and card boxes can be assigned to groups.

Scheduled learning

For a card box a schedule can be defined. With this schedule easyLessons calculates the day when to study a card next. The day is calculated according to the current learn progress of the card. To study using the schedule simply use the "Study lesson" button in the toolbar. A lesson consists of all cards ready to learn according to the schedule. easyLessons distinguishes 3 types of lessons. Card box lesson, group lesson and global lesson. The lesson being studied depends on the chosen entry in the left source view.


Quizlet.com is a web site where you can create and study flashcards online. With easyLessons you can get direct access to your public Quizlet card sets. Just enter your Quizlet username. Besides this, Quizlet flashcards can be searched via subject, username and identifier. Whole card sets or single cards can be imported in easyLessons.


Your cards can be exported in a very easy way into text files. The content of these file can be used to import into Quizlet.com. It is also possible to import cards from text files. In the moment only UTF-8 encoded files are supported.

There is also an Backup/Restore functionality to simply save all content to for example carry it to another installation.


If you have any questions, comments, or want to give feedback feel free to email me at support@thelessonsapp.de
Support is available in the languages English and German.